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by Elegance from Reflex / Carolin Millner & Lisa Heinrici

Marianne Hoppe flirted with the KPD of the Weimar Republic. She sat in the cinema with Göring, Goebbels and Hitler and remained a figurehead of state-supporting art after 1945. How does she explain that? And U.S? Elegance from Reflex explores irritating paths of justification along emotional worlds and German sensitivities.

The AfD is on the rise and more and more people feel comfortable with it. Elegance reflexively takes the Europe-wide strengthening of right-wing national politics as an opportunity to examine a dangerously changing view of humanity and German certainties in conjunction with continuities of homophobia, anti-Semitism and racism.

The evening will be led by an acting icon who has adapted himself and his view of life through all political camps and times for a century and to ever new social constellations and conventions. Her life from 1909-2002 reflects a century of German history. And the amazing ability not to see oneself as the cause of obvious evil. Based on the historical figure, the opportunism of emotions becomes a highly topical question. Are they the ones who shield one's own self-image from moral standards?

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