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Clear-sighted lyrics and universally valid melodies can be found on "Heroes", the new and fourth record by the Californian synthesizer band The Midnight. With its two predecessors "Kids" and "Monsters," it marks the end of a trilogy and the beginning of an international tour that sees the duo expand to five-piece band size with singer Jamison Tyler Lyle and programmer and producer Tim Daniel McEwan.

The Midnight
The Midnight The Midnight, Jimmy Fontaine

"Heroes" combines the band's individual careers with the pop music history of the past decades. Tyler Lyle hails from the southern states and is familiar with folk and
McEwan grew up in Denmark in a family of musicians and actors, honed his skills in Europe and worked at a pirate radio station in London. Despite their different backgrounds, they both share a musical craft and a love of good songs. And that's what The Midnight cites, sometimes covertly, sometimes overtly, and interweaves with their own songwriting. The retro-futuristic synthwave band has turned into something much bigger out of sheer curiosity.

The Midnight like the big stadium rock as much as the big pop gesture. They will prove that when they come to Berlin in March.

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