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The Meretrio is a rare example of a true band that has been playing together for eighteen years, captivating audiences with their constant search for new musical paths. The trio has already released eight different albums, which have been crucial for the development of the band's style.



  • Emiliano Sampaio - guitar/trombone
  • Gustavo Bonuses - bass
  • Luis André - drums/percussion

In 2016 the Meretrio released Óbvio and received a four-star review and the title of Best Album of the Year from Downbeat Magazine. In 2019 the trio released two more albums: "Passagem" with Heinrich von Kalnein (saxophone, flute) and the double album "Music for Small and Large Ensembles".

The band leader and composer Emiliano Sampaio switches virtuosically between trombone and guitar, sometimes back and forth within the songs, experiments with loops and digital effects, superimposes sounds and creates unexpected colors.

In 2021 the Meretrio released a new album “Choros” entirely dedicated to Brazilian music. "Choros" was nominated for the German Record Critics and received great reviews.

The Meretrio is internationally celebrated and has made guest appearances at renowned festivals and clubs in Brazil (including Savassi Jazz Fest, Jazz na Fábrica), Europe (including Most and Jazz, Bavarian Jazz Weekend, Porgy & Bess, Bremen Sender Saal) and Australia (including Perth Jazz Festival, Jazz Lab).

Presented by Jazz am Helmholtzplatz e.V.

Admission 15/12 euros
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