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Comedy live radio play - the holiday gang is a parody on the youth radio plays of the 80's with which whole generations grew up. Five friends, TKKG and Die Drei ???? are the names of the role models who are pulled through the cocoa with a lot of love for detail and a good portion of nostalgia.

Die Ferienbande
Die Ferienbande © Die Ferienbande

The holiday gang was invented by the Frankfurt comedy duo "Kai & Sven" and initially ran successfully as radio comedy at Hessischer Rundfunk. Since 2003, the makers have regularly released elaborately produced radio plays with a number of well-known guest speakers from the fields of radio plays and comedy. The radio plays are published by the cabaret label WortArt in Cologne.

Since 2005 the Ferienbande is also live on the way. With three full-length shows specially conceived for the stage, they have toured clubs and theatres throughout Germany. In 2018 Bernd, formerly known as Beate, Baul, Bröckchen, Babsi and Bambi the Dog celebrated their fifteenth anniversary!

The audience can expect a live comedy radio play spectacle full of anarchic humour and weird characters. The holiday gang continues where the full playback theatre and the original Three ??? live shows have long since stopped and has meanwhile become a recognized cult hit in the live audio play scene. Now the original concept should also inspire the cabaret & comedy-affine audience.
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