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Imagine leaving everything behind and starting over again: another city, another job, another love affair. Imagine that it was up to you to shape your life; you yourself would determine how your life would go... But wait: don't we? How would we live if we could only do otherwise? What would we do if we only wanted to be different?

Mein Name sei Gantenbein takes Max Frisch's life question of who we are and who we could be to the extreme - and gives voice to the doubtfulness of modern man and the weighing of reality and possibility in equal measure.

Oliver Reese, who has already brought many monologues to the stage, directs his own adaptation of Frisch's last great novel with Matthias Brandt, who returns to the stage for it after a 20-year abstinence.

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Participating artists
von Max Frisch (Autor/in)
Matthias Brandt
Hansjörg Hartung
Elina Schnizler
Jörg Gollasch
Steffen Heinke
Johannes Nölting
Oliver Reese