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Citizen Science research on Berlin-Brandenburg's rivers and lakes

Berlin-Brandenburg is a region rich in water – but it is increasingly having to deal with drought. In order to develop strategies for a future with less water, people from society, politics and administration must come together. But how exactly is the water in Berlin and Brandenburg changing? Where can climate change already be observed in water bodies today? And how does one collect data on these questions in the first place?

Desirée Hetzel and Tobias Krüger are working in the research project Climate and Water under Change (CliWaC) – an Einstein Research Unit of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) – on the interaction of water and society under the conditions of climate change. With the help of a citizen science installation in the Humboldt Lab, they collected and analysed data over the last months: Visitors of the exhibition "After Nature" were able to mark their observations of environmental changes and research needs on a big map of Berlin and Brandenburg. The results of this Citizen Science project are now being presented and discussed. An afternoon of conversation about people and water in Berlin and Brandenburg – come along and join the conversation!
CliWaC cooperates with the BUA experimental laboratory for science communication AnthropoScenes.

Desirée Hetzel is a researcher at the Integrative Research Institute on Human-Environment Systems (IRI THESys) and conducts research in CliWAC on perceptions of water issues and social transformation processes in Berlin-Brandenburg. She is a social and cultural anthropologist and is interested in human-environment relations in times of anthropogenic climate change.

Tobias Krüger is Director of the Integrative Research Institute on Human-Environment Systems (IRI THESys) and Professor of Hydrology and Society at the Department of Geography at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. With many years of experience in hydrological modelling, he is now working at the interface of hydrology and critical social science. In the CliWaC project, he and colleagues are responsible for bringing together results so that they can be used for dealing with water in Berlin and Brandenburg.

- free of charge
- Place: Humboldt Laboratory
- Language: German
- from 14 years

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