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Puppet Theatre BOKA

The first Sunday of the month also belongs to the little noble guests. Each time, children can experience a new play in many different forms: Whether classical or puppet theatre, Kamishibai or musical theatre - educationally valuable, fun and colourful, a wide variety of theatre ensembles present fairy tale classics and new interpretations for the (children's) heart.

KEY VISUAL Biene Maja lernt fliegen
KEY VISUAL Biene Maja lernt fliegen © peteredel-Biene Maja

The puppet theatre BOKA presents the play "Maya the Bee Learns to Fly".
The new school year has begun and on the timetable is: Learning to fly! This also applies to little Maya the Bee. Since she is very impatient, she wants to learn how to fly before the first lesson at school. Her friend Willi is by her side and since he can already fly, he becomes Maja's flying instructor. So far so good - everything goes according to the flight plan!
Everything would be fine if Willi wasn't so greedy...

Recommended age: 3 years and up

Date: Sunday, 05.02.2023
Start: 16:00

Location: Peter Edel Educational and Cultural Centre
                 Berliner Allee 125, 13088 Berlin

Tickets: 8,00 Euro
(available online, at the reception and at the box office)

(Program in German)

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