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“Rolling Wave Tour“

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning songwriter Matt Epp is the quintessential Canadian prairie troubadour. With his unique mix of folk, blues and Americana, the "Sunny Boy" Epp has shaped the Canadian music scene for more than a decade.

His self-confessed songwriting and intimate delivery style has earned him a growing worldwide fan base as well as the Grand Prize at the 2017 International Songwriting Competition.

Now he is touring through Germany with his new CD "Rolling Wave".

"Rolling Wave" marks the transition to what the artist calls a new era. Recorded largely alone in a converted rural "art church" on the shores of Lake Huron, the album tells of Epp's spiritual journey and channels themes of presence, connectedness and nature, joy and sorrow.

"Rolling Wave Tour"

  • Matt Epp - guitar, vocals
  • JD Crosstown - guitar
  • Alison MacGregor - vocals

Admission: 16 euros
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