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The 2023 New Czech Theater Festival

This nonverbal production of a classic Czech drama about a woman in a forced marriage who becomes a desperate murderer is an extraordinary contribution not only touching on womens’ issues but also on the domestic tradition of the realistic drama. The story is told without words – and is even more intense because of this: bottomless abysses of desperation and powerful eruptions of amorous emotions meet, with shocking brutality and profound humanity, all spiced with a good measure of exaggeration.

Nonverbal theatre (no surtitles)

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Additional information
A production by Drama Panorama: Forum für Übersetzung und Theater e. V. in collaboration with the Czech Centre Berlin and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin, funded by the Culture Ministry of the Czech Republic with the Plán národní obnovy programme. Supported by English Theatre Berlin I International Performing Arts Center.

Drama Panorama, Czech Center Berlin, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin
Participating artists
Andrea Berecková (Schauspielerin)
Petr Jeništa (Schauspieler)
Jana Machalíková (Schauspielerin)
Petra Mošovská (Schauspielerin)
Pavel Neškudla (Schauspieler)
Zoja Oubr amová (Schauspielerin)
Věra Pavlíková (Schauspielerin)
Anežka Straková (Kostümdesign)
Bláža Straníková (Schauspieler)
Lenka Střížovská (Schauspielerin)
Igor Vejsada (Schauspieler)
Tanita Yankova (Musik)
Jakub Čermák (Regie)
Martin Šimek (Bühnendesign)
Barbora Šupová (Schauspielerin)