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Reading and Screening

On the occasion of the current exhibition Bruno Pélassy and the Order of the Starfish, the French writer and curator Marie Canet will give a lecture about the life and work of Bruno Pélassy and will subsequently be joined by Anna Gritz, curator of the exhibition for a joint conversation.

The lecture will be accompanied by a screening of Brice Dellsperger’s film Bruno Pélassy: Family and Friends.

“Brice Dellsperger first spoke to me about Bruno Pélassy’s work in 2007. We jointly organized a film screening at the Center Pompidou where I was working at the time. I never met Bruno Pélassy but I wanted to write a book about his work. I wanted to participate in the friendly chain of artists, curators and critics who sometimes talk to each other about the sublime work of artists who lived or survived on the margins of the institutions and consequently of the history…”

Marie Canet

Marie Canet is a writer and curator based in Paris, professor of aesthetics in Villa Arson (Nice). Author of a monograph dedicated to the work of Bruno Pélassy in 2015, she recently published a monograph dedicated to Marc Camille Chaimowicz. She is currently working on the figure of servants in cinema and is preparing a monograph dedicated to the work of the Scottish artist Lucy McKenzie.

Admission included in the exhibition ticket.
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Price: €8.00

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