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Everyday stories from Berlin

A theatrical research on Berlin as a location. Artists from Austria, Mexico, the USA, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Russia, Germany, Morocco and Poland explore their biographical traces in Berlin.

The atmospheric, colourful evening with live music and singing takes the audience on a journey through Berlin.

Janina Akhmetova, Renée Boxill, Giovanna Conte, Nuria Frias Corrius, Maik Dehnelt, Millie Engono Eyegue, Susana Reyes Gonzáles, Rim Mekkaoui, Julia Vandehof, Mischa Wanker, Anete Calacioppo

  • Artistic director and stage manager: Monika Dobrowlanska
  • Piano: Sebastian Stert
  • Saxophone: Yannic Rösch

The project "Fit for the stage. Fit für die Zukunft" is funded by the European Social Fund and the Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs within the framework of the District Alliances for Business and Labour.

  • First performance
  • by multicultural city e.V.
  • 1,5 h

Languageof production: German/ fragments multilingual
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