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Is it all over soon? You never really know. But it definitely is

handy to have the right music ready in case the apocalypse really is around the corner. Because everything is easier with music!

Lukas Meister, a Berliner by choice, goes on tour with an album full of new ones Songs that are suitable to lovingly accompany and underscore the end of the world. It's about love, money and impermanence, the quirks of
Humanity, weather, hope, zeitgeist and of course the presumed
impending dolphinocracy that will probably make everything different but only slightly better.

The singer-songwriter accompanies himself on stage with virtuosity on the guitar and occasionally on the piano. But it is also important between the pieces, the ears to sharpen when the master with bone-dry humor his subtle
Anecdotes about partner payback cards, sheep that are much too fluffy, German-Italian translation errors and nightly taxi rides for the best.

So: Walk in and listen - this evening will be special!