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The eclectic record label InFiné is once again hosting one of its exciting label evenings in the Kantine am Berghain. This time the co-headliners are the French composer, percussionist and producer Lucie Antunes and Labelle, one of the most important producers of electronic Maloya music from the Réunion Islands.

Both projects represent the exciting and cross-genre sound worlds that InFiné has cultivated for over 15 years.

Already highly acclaimed in France, Lucie Antunes combines the world of pop with the avant-garde, with a crossover appeal that transcends genres and boundaries with ease. Their live shows are an infectious and joyful display of club music with an organic sensibility. She will present her album on stage in Germany for the first time, in a particularly electric duet.

Labelle has just released his highly anticipated new album NOIR ANIMA, where he combines Maloya, the traditional music of Reunion Island, and electronics with Indian and African influences to create a new form that flirts with universality. On stage, Labelle's live performances invite the audience into a deep meditative state, guided by dance and transporting them straight into a trance.

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