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With houaïda

In this sonic performance shaped by an enduring approach in charting eerie and charged otherworldly sound spaces, houaïda conceives a web of rhythms and vocals citing from memories of diasporic kinship, astral reading and ambiguous corporeality. Her take on love is a multitudinous worlding and collective surrender into fluidity.

As an attempt to foster connection through hopeful lament, houaïda’s harmonic compositions defy rigid linguistic codes and call to a polyphony of tongues. Listeners may find themselves dream-walking through aqueous, unpredictable worlds where spirits, djinns and other beings morph and coalesce. 

houaïda is a composer, singer, performer and scientist. She adopts a transdisciplinary approach to critically analyse Western and normative perceptions of sound, music, performance and science. She holds an MA in astrophysics and is influenced by scientific strategies and embodied practices centered on collectivity, the Pluriverse and the transformative possibilities that imagination bears.

In addition to her solo appearances as houaïda and as part of the Talking Straight collective, she worked for several theatre and dance performances, amongst others, at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele, the Maxim Gorki Theater and the Gropius Bau. She is a former member of the Holly Herndon Ensemble and curated the performance series at Maxim Gorki’s Studio Я, titled home_ a transonic journey. houaïda is currently finishing her debut album: MEDITERRANÏA, an aquatic worlding of a home from a diasporic perspective.
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Meeting point: Gropius Bau, Cinema (Lower ground floor)

Price info: Free admission