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Berlin | Potsdam

Under the program theme "From Rossi to Rossini. The Synagogal Music of Italy from Five Centuries", the Louis Lewandowski Festival - the festival for synagogal music - can once again be experienced in Berlin and Potsdam from December 15 to 18, 2022. It already starts on December 14 with a pre-opening concert.

In 2022, the Louis Lewandowski Festival is dedicated to the diverse traditions of Italian synagogal music.

Until the founding of the State of Israel, nowhere did Jews of such diverse origins live together and in such a stimulating (if sometimes threatening) environment as in Italy. Italian Jews have successfully navigated between tradition, diversity, religious conflict, emancipation, cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism, all within the heart of Christianity.
This year's festival is dedicated to these traditions, as the particular history of Italy is indeed reflected in Jewish melodies.

Program overview Louis Lewandowski Festival 2022

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