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In Ulrike Schrimpf's novel "Loud Ghosts" (Quickie Literature, 2022), not only do ghosts meet, online and in real life, voices of a Greek human choir tell of masks, memories, longings and strokes of fate. Undine and Albert also meet.

The two approach each other in writing and deal with each other, lie, cheat and ghost each other, only to then get back together and one day meet in real life.

Together with the actor Axel Holst and a chorus of readers who are spread out in the audience, Ulrike Schrimpf will present her current novel »Loud Ghosts« on this evening.

Ulrike Schrimpf is a freelance literary scholar and writer. She has published novels, poetry, non-fiction and specialist books. She has been awarded various prizes and grants for her work, e.g. with the audience award of the Golden Pick (FAZ and Chicken House), the Mira Lobe scholarship, the working scholarship for literature from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Art and Culture and with the working scholarship for literature for the year 2022 from the city of Vienna.

After completing an apprenticeship as a printer, Axel Holst studied graphic design and acting in Rostock. He was engaged on numerous stages in Germany and took part in productions there, e.g. B. at the Stuttgart State Theater, at the Kassel State Theater, at the Essen Theater, at the Dortmund Theater and at the Frankfurt Theater. Axel Holst is also known for films and series (e.g. »German Angst« and »Lindenstrasse«). In 2012 he was awarded best actor at the NRW Theatertreffen. Today he lives and works as an actor, director, illustrator and caricaturist near Düsseldorf.