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The ensemble of the legendary cabaret Leipziger Pfeffermühle brings Loriot's most beautiful sketches back to the stage. Great comedic skill is required to play the lovingly nonsensical and crazy scenes in great detail.

Tempodrom von außen
Tempodrom von außen © visitberlin, Foto Wolfgang Scholvien

The ensemble presents Loriot's brilliantly drawn grotesque situations of everyday life, the scene changes are accompanied by charming and imaginative music.

Vicco von Bülow (aka Loriot) - who doesn't remember this brilliant humorist and his legendary sketches, caricatures and films! With his puns and wittiness, he has shaped the German language like no other. There is hardly anyone who does not know quotes like: "The duck stays outside", "a piano, a piano" or "The egg is hard". A spirited "Ach was" makes you laugh just as much as the remark "You've got something there!".

Absurd and hilarious - his unforgettable sketches live on a big tour through Germany!

(Program in German)

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