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Lisa Fitz can look back on a good 3,500 solo concerts and has written around 200 songs. "Dauerbrenner" is the 16th cabaret program by the cabaret icon Lisa Fitz - but she's not quite sure if there weren't more.

With inexhaustible energy, a 40-year vita of success with 100 and more solo concerts a year, Lisa Fitz still has great fun with cabaret and music

She was an enfant terrible, enlightener, rock lady, bourgeois fright and political figure. Since the beginning of her career as a high-flyer, she has enlivened and enriched, inspired and provoked the TV and media landscape, completed countless talk shows and TV programs and given hundreds of interviews. And in 40 years she has certainly fallen into one or the other trap, she says in retrospect. "To err is part of success!" 

Lisa Fitz is a third-generation artist in the Fitz dynasty and a pioneer of women's cabaret. She was the first woman in Germany to stage a solo program with her own texts, opening the door for her successors and sending the women's movement on its way with wit and verve.

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