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expert tour with foundation librarian Sabine Hahn, SPSG

Frederick II's library in the New Palace contains more than 2,000 volumes. It was not intended for representational purposes, but for private use. In terms of content, we find here works by the classic ancient poets, philosophers and historians in French translation, contemporary French literature, in particular by Voltaire.

Most of the books are bound in red kidskin and have gold edges. The affiliation of the individual volumes to the respective library is indicated by a letter embossed in the middle of the cover. "S" stands for the New Palace, referred to here as the new palace in Sanssouci Park.

Sabine Hahn, librarian at the SPSG, explains the history of the collection and offers a unique look behind the otherwise closed doors of the historical bookcases.

(Program in German)
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Price: €12.00

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