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The world as a system of coordinates linking people and voices, events and sounds. This forms the performance Code, in which objects, frequencies and figures meet in the space. Sound becomes an immersive bodily experience that expresses what spoken language cannot.

In her paintings, video works and performances, Leyla Yenirce deals with resistant biographies, makes use of pop cultural, political and art historical references and processes sonic and visual aspects of military and media dominance structures. Under the name Rosaceae, she also works as a composer and sound artist with elements of noise and ambient music, drawing on speech samples and self-penned texts.

For Code. Noise-Performance mit Stimme, she collaborates with visual anthropologist Theresa George, music producer and sound engineer Kris Jakob and visual artist and performer Shira Lewis.
Additional information
The performance is part of the exhibition Ich krieg Geschwindigkeit, which is exhibited at Capitain Petzel between 04.11. and 20.12.2023.


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