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Book presentations and workshop reports in the “Stasi headquarters. Campus for Democracy”

On November 23rd states Prof. Dr. Michael Wala presented his book “The Stasi Myth”, which contrasts the image of GDR foreign espionage with the records from the secret archive of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

With a reading stage and research workshop, the Federal Archives - Stasi Documents Archive will provide current insights into research and work with the Stasi documents in November and December 2023. As part of the reading stage, new publications on the topics of state security, the GDR and dictatorship will be presented in the former Stasi headquarters.

In the new format of the research workshop, projects that were researched in the Stasi documents archive are presented. Researchers and archive employees report on the process of accessing files from their perspective and explain methods and research strategies.

The presentation of the new volumes from the series “The GDR in the Eyes of the Stasi” focuses on the year 1970, which was marked by German-German rapprochement: Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt visited Erfurt, GDR Prime Minister Willi Stoph traveled to Kassel. Dr. Ronny Heidenreich traces the events from the perspective of the secret reports from the state security to the SED leadership.
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