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The Leonkoro Quartet plays Haydn, Schumann and Rihm

TheLeonkoro Quartett has been one of the sensational newcomers on the string quartet scene since 2019. They give a concert with works by Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Rihm and Robert Schumann.

Leonkoro Quartet:
  • Jonathan Schwarz - violin
  • Amelie Wallner - violin
  • Mayu Konoe - viola
  • Lukas Schwarz - violoncello

Joseph Haydn
String quartet in C major op. 33 No. 3 Hob. III:39

Wolfgang Rihm
String Quartet No. 9

Robert Schumann
String quartet in A major op. 41 No. 3

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Participating artists
Jonathan Schwarz
Amelie Wallner
Mayu Konoe
Lukas Schwarz
Leonkoro Quartett