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The performance COUNTRY WOMAN is a collage of memories of an Afghanistan that perhaps never existed.

It is 26 August 2021 and the last evacuation flight of the German Bundeswehr is leaving Kabul airport. It takes off, disappearing into the horizon. And with it, Afghanistan becomes inaccessible, also for Ariana.

What remains for the German-Afghan protagonist Ariana in LANDSFRAU are memories. With the departure of the last plane, her thoughts and impressions unfold. Biographical episodes, stories of nostalgia and fantasy, Afghan music and choreographic elements – through Ariana these intertwine like collages and become fleeting images of an Afghanistan that perhaps never existed in this form. Ariana contrasts the overrepresented Western positions, images and narratives on Afghanistan with her own diasporic ones. She overwrites and challenges them, creating a space for herself that is as intimate as it is political, and which cannot be taken away from her.

Simultaneously confronted with a sense of guilt about her own "peaceful" everyday life, the solo show LANDSFRAU presents a multi-layered as well as detailed picture of a life in the diaspora – including its problems and privileges.
Additional information
Directing team - Mariann Yar, Doris Crea Collective (Andrej Agranovski, Leonard Dick, Alessa Maria Karešin)

Text and Direction - Leonard Dick, Mariann Yar

Music - Andrej Agranovski, Mariann Yar

Musical advice - Elias Shahna Ebadi

Stage and costume design - Amelie Sabbagh

Artistic production management - Alessa Maria Karešin

Choreography - Paul Calderone

Dramaturgy - Thalia Hertel

Dramaturgical advice - Lars Werner

Video - Cornelius Reitmayr

Acting - Mariann Yar

Mentoring - Meriam Bousselmi