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Berlin has a unique density of remarkable buildings from the 1980s whose significance needs to be reviewed after more than 30 years. Their diverse and colorful architectural language challenged previous notions of a modern living environment. Starting in September 2021, the Staatsballett Berlin will offer graduates of the Berlin State Ballet and Artistic School a ten-month continuing education program.

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Building on the completed training, the program is intended as a bridge between school and professional life, and is designed to ease the transition made more difficult by the pandemic. A key element of the program is the personal support provided by mentors from the State Ballet ensemble. Part of the holistic approach is also the artistic process of working together on choreographies.

In the dance evening LAB_WORKS 2022, the results - all styles and forms of dance expression are possible - will be presented by the fellows and also together with dancers from the ensemble.
Additional information
Participating artists
Alexandre Cagnat (Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin)
Eloise Sacilotto (Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin)
Eoin Robinson (Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin)
Filipa Cavaco (Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin)
Gregor Glocke (Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin)
Johnny McMillan (Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin)
Konstantin Lorenz (Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin)
Lewis Turner (Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin)
Mari Kawanishi (Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin)
Pauline Voisard (Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin)
Ross Martinson (Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin)
Tabatha Rumeur (Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin)
Timothy Dutson (Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin)
Lorenzzo Fernandes (Fellows des Enhance Mentorship Programme)
Masaaki Goto (Fellows des Enhance Mentorship Programme)
Chisato Inoko (Fellows des Enhance Mentorship Programme)
Jun Ishii (Fellows des Enhance Mentorship Programme)
Hugo Martinez Garcia (Fellows des Enhance Mentorship Programme)
Vienna Pokorny (Fellows des Enhance Mentorship Programme)
Linus Schmidt (Fellows des Enhance Mentorship Programme)
Guilia Scognamillo (Fellows des Enhance Mentorship Programme)
Maria Valter (Fellows des Enhance Mentorship Programme)
Shino Tsurutani (Fellows des Enhance Mentorship Programme)
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