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"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." - Samuel Beckett.

The Lab: Fiasko
The Lab: Fiasko © ABA NAIA

The pandemic condemns us to failure at all ends, slows us down and makes us fall into despair. ABA NAIA has taken a close look at the miseries of our time and developed strategies of disrupting, sabotaging and corrupting the expected way of being on stage. All the way to the Grande Fiasko!

Fiasko is a work-in-progress performance by the Latin American-European collective ABA NAIA as part of THE LAB, the new work development program of English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center. The collective invites the audience to a radicalized idea of failure that ties into contemporary conversations. It is a comical and humorous disruption of the expectations of theater. In Fiasko, the ambivalence and power relations of comedy are explicitly portrayed through performative failure.

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Participating artists
Kysy Fischer (Regie)
Bahr Jaika (Dramaturgie)
Rafuska Makrs (Darsteller)
Teija Vaittinen (Darsteller)