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Following the Poetics of Encryption conference, KW and Flipping the Coin cordially invite you to join our Aftermath at Limited M.F.


  • 12–2 am Monty Luke
  • 2–4 am Tanith
  • 4–6 am Ali Liar

Montly Luke

Always seeking, always learning, Berlin-based Monty Luke is a musical explorer with a future-forward aesthetic, focused on raw, dub-infused house and techno. His career has seen him take on an eclectic collection of roles which is reflected in his wide ranging discography, remixes and energetic DJ sets. With a stylistic focus on themes relating to futurism, science fiction and dystopia, he also frequently uses his voice as an instrument, to either directly convey emotions through lyrics or indirectly convey ideas by turning those vocals into unrecognizable components within a song’s arrangement.

Ali Liar

Ali Liar comes originally from Ukraine and has been going her path as a Dj through Berlin since 2010. In her work she combines various genres of music, ranging from Chicago house to Giorgio Moroder style disco and more modern soulful electronic music. Bringing that wide selection helps to cater a diverse Dj-set and catch the crowd.


Tanith has been DJing since 1986, starting with EBM and industrial. With the emergence of acid in 1988, he started DJing in the first acid clubs in Berlin, first at UFO and later at UFO2, before becoming the first resident at Tresor in 1991. At the same time, he performed as a resident at the first raves in Germany such as Tekknozid, Technostorm and later Mayday. Tanith played on various trucks at the Love Parade and was a tour DJ for The Prodigy and Genesis P-Orridge, among others. His various releases were mainly on his own labels Bash and Timing Recordings, one of his albums was released under Motor Music. Tanith was a protagonist in various documentaries and books such as Technocity Berlin, Der Klang Der Familie, We Call It Techno, SubBerlin, The Story of Tresor and ARTE 30 Jahre Techno Berlin.
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Price info: Tickets on site.

Limited capacity, first come, first served.

Price: €7.00