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In August 2022, the Berlin-based Costa Compagnie conducted research in eastern Ukraine. In Kharkiv and near the front, they interviewed four women who volunteered to take part in the armed struggle against the Russian attack and the autocratic system that came with it. Dealing with the material asks the question: What would we do?

Zhenya is a human rights lawyer and now a drone pilot in a reconnaissance unit. Helena is a documentary film director and now a medic in a combat unit. Oksana and Tatjana, two press officers, report from the front with their cameras. As part of the monologue festival, a Ukrainian actress deals with the interviews for the first time and creates a multimedia monologue, based on the ancient question of tyrannicide and an ideological and ethical conflict: At what point is injustice so enormous that counter-violence may seem legal or even obligatory? can be?

What values and systems are defended beyond one's own life and country? Does this resistance justify taking other people's lives? Which peace-oriented/pacifist community spirit is shifting? And what does it mean to perform a theater monologue about these questions 2,000 km away in Berlin, while friends and relatives are fighting, killing and being killed at home?

An intermedia monologue is created from the interviewees' thoughts and recordings, which attempts to approach this radical present performatively, filmically and musically.

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