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Nuray Demir & Michael Annoff

Blood is thicker than water: for a few years now, videos have been trending on Youtube where people open the results of their genetic testing in front of a live camera. These results situate the gene pool of those tested on the globe. A new genre presents the dramas of an insecure society: Today, genetic research alone is supposed to determine what connects people. The dramas of an uncertain society present a new genre: genetic ancestry, national identity and carefully cultivated family histories collide in these videos. Why do people search for their self-image in their blood at all?

El Boum
El Boum © El Boum

Since 2018, the discussion series “Kein schöner Archiv” has documented the immaterial legacy of the post-migrant society. This also includes the historically determined knowledge of descent, origin and kinship. An evening exploring origin and heteronormativity - genealogical research as a culture technique long believed forgotten. After three issues in 2019, Michael Annoff and Nuray Demir return to HAU with a Christmas edition of “Kein schöner Archiv”.

(Program in German)
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