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A cabaret reading

Katrin Weber reads right through the chapters of her book "You will laugh" and chats about her life full of misfortunes, mishaps and awkwardness that followed her up to the stage -- mostly honest and hilarious. They will laugh. Guaranteed.


Little Katrin had it hard. Too fat, too slow, too daft: standing, running, puberty, love. With everything she was later than her peers - until the ugly duckling in the kindergarten of the VEB Narva Glühlampenwerk Plauen became the shining beautiful swan in the spotlight of the Saxon stages. With wit, charm and a Saxonian snout, Katrin Weber shines after her singing training and numerous musical and television roles today mainly in cabaret.

"Schwarze Augen - Eine Nacht im Russenpuff", "Solo" and "Nicht zu fassenassen" are the names of her acclaimed programs. In addition, she is on stage as an entertainer and singer. In her first book, Katrin Weber tells of falling and standing out in her private and artistic career. This makes this reading extremely lively.

(Program in German)

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Die Wühlmäuse
Die Wühlmäuse