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Kantstraße 104a is a residential building like many others in Berlin. It was damaged during the war, underwent renovations, was an object of speculation, and its residents moved in and out. On several occasions, it was used to house asylum seekers - for example, Tamil refugees in the 1980s.

The cultural scientist, curator and filmmaker Anujah Fernando devotes her archival survey to the attempt to uncover the layers of memory of the building and to fathom the relationship of the residents to their house in the documents she has tracked down.

What narrative can be salvaged from public archives? Where are other methods of restoring memory needed?

With the film இனி வந்தென்ன வராமல் என்ன [Although I am coming or going] - Letters from Kantstraße 104a, Anujah Fernando extends the archival survey beyond the potential of the factual.

Based on interviews she conducted with former residents of the asylum accommodation, the film reconstructs the lives of Tamils in the "Pension Kant" in the form of fictionalised letters. Where the narrative capacity of the archive ends, the documentary-fictional makes it possible to deal with the voids. The installation and film thus become a reflection on liminal places such as asylum accommodation.

The realisation of the film is funded by the Senate for Culture and Social Cohesion. The production is supported by filmArche.

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