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Storytelling theatre

Every Thursday at 16:00 hrs the Kurt Tucholsky Library shows the storytelling theatre, Kamishibai, in the library courtyard during the summer season.

Kamishibai is a storytelling theatre and consists of an interchangeable frame with hinged doors that is open at the top. Several pictures are placed in a stack and can be viewed one after the other in the frame. The children are thus directed to a pictorially represented core of the spoken words.

The Kamishibai reinforces the effect of the outer and inner pictures. This creates a cinema in the mind.

Thursday, 19.10.2023, 16:00 hrs
The leaf thief
The squirrel is furious! Yesterday there were so many beautiful colourful leaves hanging on his tree: red, orange and even golden. But today a few of them have disappeared without a trace. That can only mean one thing: they were stolen and the leaf thief is still at large!

Thursday, 26.10.2023, 4:00 pm
Hundsallein - how my pet human ran away
As Jupp is romping in the park with his favourite pet Robin one late summer morning, they are surprised by a sudden thunderstorm. Shortly afterwards, Jupp realises: Robin is no longer at the other end of the leash! Immediately the little dog sets off in search of him.

Thursday, 02.11.2023, 4:30 pm
Fairy tales told... in your language
Njima muri ngiouah nah Kouari (Mabi)
Once upon a time there was a heron called Kouari (German)
There was a heron called Kouari. He was a vegetarian and liked to eat grapes and nuts. Unfortunately, he lived all alone in his hut because all his family members were already gone. All he wanted was to make new friends.

Thursday, 09.11.2023, 16:00 hrs
Oh horror, the day is gone!
Little raven Knips is very happy when his friend Ekki the squirrel comes to stay with him for the night. But then the beautiful yellow ball flies out of the window while he's romping around, and it's already dark outside ... And the spectre of terror lurks in the dark!

Thursday, 16.11.2023, 4:00 p.m.
Nuts have short legs
"Let's each try one," suggests squirrel Ekki when he and raven Knips discover a basket full of nuts. Crunchy treats that Mama Squirrel has put aside for a special occasion. Who will notice if a nut is missing? Or two? Or three?

Thursday, 23.11.2023, 4:30 p.m.
Fairy tales told... in your language
Los cinco desastres (Spanish)
The five disasters (German)
A brilliant, light and friendly book whose protagonists gather in themselves all the mistakes that exist and will exist. A book to look at the world from a different angle.

Thursday, 30.11.2023, 4:00 p.m.
Friends forever
At the foot of the old oak tree lives a family of rabbits and high up in the crown the owls have their home. Although they live so close to each other, it is difficult to meet. When the little rabbit hops in the meadow on a sunny day, the little owl sleeps in its tree trunk.

Location: Kurt Tucholsky Library
                 Esmarchstraße 18, 10407 Berlin

Free admission

(Program in German)
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