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The Berlin photographer Jan Sobottka (* 1953 in Berlin) has been an attentive observer of the Berlin art scene for 20 years. At vernissages, at award ceremonies or in studios: he always has his camera with him and portrays celebrities and lesser celebrities as well as the typical Berlin audience.

Jan Sobottka approaches his models with great freedom, because he does not work on commission, but he was already interested in documenting the Berlin way of life in the pre-cell phone era. He has been working with some artists and gallery owners for many years. Although he doesn't work in the studio but in galleries and museums, he manages to create well-composed photo portraits as well as spontaneous snapshots.
His "models" - from Patti Smith to Bruno Ganz - follow his economical and clear instructions.

In the project room of the ZAK, the series of exhibitions with portraits of artists will be resumed with the works of Jan Sobottka and one of the busiest chroniclers of the Berlin cultural scene of the post-reunification period will be presented.
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