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From the Archivi Alinari to the masters of contemporary photography

In Don Quixote, Cervantes describes the return to Spain of a young man who "was a soldier in the different Italys (nelle Italie)". These different Italys, numerous Italys, form a diverse Italy - a pluralistic country whose complexity has been captured by photographers over time. These photographers aimed to capture the country's multifaceted identities, traditions and subtle developments.

"Italiae" uses photography to tell of the grace and diversity of Italy, its landscapes and its people, starting from the Archivi Alinari to contemporary photographers.

In the Faces, Works and Landscapes sections of the exhibition, a century and a half of history is revealed in a compilation of photographs that document the diversity of the country and at the same time the impressive vitality of Italian photography.

This extraordinary visual narrative brings together different artists, techniques and subjects, thereby creating a dialogue between historical and contemporary photography.

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