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The Coding da Vinci Final Conference

The Culture Hacka­thon Coding da Vinci event for open cultu­ral data has been held since 2014. In it, teams of hackers, designers and culture-loving crea­tives work together with cultural insti­tutions to develop func­tional proto­types, for example of apps, websites, data visualiza­tions, games, interactive instal­lations and virtual or augmented-reality appli­cations.

Jüdisches Museum Berlin von außen
Jüdisches Museum Berlin von außen © Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Foto Jens Ziehe.jpg

They show surprising and inspiring new ways in which collec­tion objects can be commu­nicated and used by insti­tutions in new ways. Hundreds of pre­viously unexplored digital cultural trea­sures are presen­ted under open license, and the digital opening of Germany's cultural heri­tage and memory insti­tutions is further advanced.

The end of funding from the German Federal Cultural Foun­dation in 2022 will also mark the end of Coding da Vinci in its current form. The closing con­ference will take a look at the past eight years of the Hackathon and the future develop­ment of equal co­operation between cultural insti­tutions and civil society. Partici­pants can expect inspiring key­notes, including from Julia Friedrich, Director of Collec­tions at the Jewish Museum Berlin, and a BarCamp on co-creative collabo­ration for tomorrow.

The conclusion and new beginning of Coding da Vinci will of course also have a fitting celebration.

In co­operation with Wiki­media Deutschland.

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Meeting point: W.m. Blumenthal Academy Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 1, 10969 Berlin Postal address: Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin
Jüdisches Museum Berlin