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Queering the Art Week

In post-covid times, the idea of “going back to normality” can be also read as “becoming invisible again”. The interdisciplinary spending project “(in)visible structure(s)” aims to explore how keeping the visibility of solidarity networks is the only way to maintain real bonds between people.

From visual arts, sound installations to performances, Studio Apelbaum will approach the topics of body expression, gender, and queerness, the Perception of success in the digital age, the Destabilisation of patriarchal structures and the topic of Diaspora and strategies for solidarity. The Schaubühne Berlin, the Beirut Contemporary Ballet, performers of the Gorki Theater and the Hejfar Collective are accomplices in this matter.

As centrepiece, Studio Apelbaum presents “The Cube”, a tridimensional structure made of cognitive paintings. They are interactive artwork that can be remotely controlled and animated via sensors that capture information as data flux.

With a history that spans from the 1920s until today, Theater im Delphi is the perfect place for the participating artists to open a dialogue on visibility. The different periods in which the Theater opened and was then shut down, along with the political changes that it witnessed, reflect tensions and discontinuities and show how visibility is never a given fact.Moreover, political considerations of ongoing struggles also appeal to us, especially the ones dealing with free speech, or the questioning of pre assumed notions and the reexamination of what can be said today and what is banned from the public discourse.

Early arrival is recommended to reserve a seat. But there is also the possibility of late admission between the individual acts.

Studio Apelbaum is an artistic and research platform that brings together the local and international contemporary art scene. Meant as a creative space to gather and showcase works from different queer collectives (AnalogDream e.V. included), the studio works as a bridge between various art forms, including fine arts, performance, theatre, film, sound installations, mechanical, software, and electrical engineering.


  • Open Door « Kinetic » Sound and Kinetic installation by Studio Apelbaum

  • « Erosion of rhythm » Performance by Aris Pedrioli

  • « HI DAD » directed by Matilde Flor Usinger and Nanna Finding Koppel by Hi Dad, with 4 dads

  • Film Screenings by Hadi Moussally (La Casquette), Shalva Nikvashvili and Kata Kwiatkowska

  • « Warten/Hören » an Installation by Jonathan Apelbaum & Norman Nodge

  • « Of Closures, Pleasures & Distorted Futures » Sound Installation by Caius and Elayn

  • « Jawhar » by Anthony Nakhlé & Atomi from Beirut Ballet

  • « In my basement » Performance directed by Kinan Hmeidan from Gorki Theater with Hazem Saleh (Dramaturgy) , Nader Hmeidan (Performer), Akad (Performer), Matilde Flor Usinger(Performer), Julie Savery(Performer)

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