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Have you just come from a planetarium event or a sky observation session at one of the observatories and have become curious? Would you like to observe for yourself and get more involved in practical astronomy? Are you planning to buy your own telescope, could astronomy and/or astrophotography become your new hobby?

This lecture series offers an introduction to the tools and applications of practical astronomy.

The lecture series will be continued at the beginning of 2024. Dates for the following topics will be announced soon.

Object search, detection and observation

Searching for objects with the help of star charts and software, finding them in the viewfinder and eyepiece, 'star hopping', keeping an observer's book, drawing objects, posture at the telescope, the right light, the right clothing.

Photography 1 | Cameras, adapters and first shots

Camera, CCD camera and smartphone, suitable adapters and adjustment, taking first pictures.

Photography 2 | Image processing

Image editing software and what you need to bear in mind when using it.

The step to becoming a professional

First measurements: Time determination, height determination, corresponding heights, image field diameters, diameter determinations through transit observations.

The serious amateur

Sunspot observation, moon observation, comet finder, brightness measurement, double star observation, spectroscopy, your own observatory.Translated with DeepL
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Price: €7.50

Reduced price: €5.50

Booking: Dates according to the calendar.

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Tel +49 30 421845-10 (Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm | Sat, Sun 10am - 5pm)