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FOR The Bald Singer Workshop for everyone aged 14-113

Throughout the entire season you have the opportunity to immerse yourself deeply in the world of theater in the INSIDE_workshops. Twice a month, especially on weekends, the doors of the German Theater open to everyone between the ages of 14 and 113.

Take a look into the various engine rooms, the workshops and you can also tinker with the gear levers yourself. You will learn about the art of aging and transformation, about two-tone shadows, about how to get from a text to a scene or perhaps how actors can learn so much text or fight without getting injured.

The productions from the DT stage, the chamber and the box should not be missing. Therefore, there is always the opportunity to slip into the roles and worlds of the productions. Acting training is also on the program. Anyone who has no theater experience or is only interested in a specific production is just as well looked after here as anyone who has already caught the acting bug.

Artists from the Berlin independent scene who create important impulses and innovations with their collectives, communities and projects are also invited. Be it dance, performance, music, video or visual art: diverse people, media and disciplines find freedom here to explore, experiment and exchange.

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