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summer exhibition at LIVING BERLIN with artist collective TAPE THAT

The artist collective TAPE THAT (Berlin, Cologne) presents its works at the summer exhibition in LIVING BERLIN. From July 8th to September 1st, 2023, works of art made of adhesive materials such as ribbons and foils will be shown in the foyer of the interior design house. Made especially for this exhibition.


TAPE THAT was founded in 2011 by five artists. They create impressive works of art in 2 or 3D from adhesive tapes and foils. Whether expansive installations or minimalist black and white murals - each work of art is unique. Because the artists always interact with the respective location.

"We are very pleased that TAPE THAT will be designing this year's summer exhibition - because the art of this collective is as extraordinary as our house: diverse, inspiring, high-quality and unique in this form," says Eric Klucke about the exhibition. "I am particularly pleased that the exhibition will always offer new eye-catchers from many areas of our house. Whether you are standing directly in front of one of the cubes with TAPE THAT art or if you are looking at the same artwork from the 3rd floor, the vantage point changes the art.”

The colorful boxes put you in a good mood!
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