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The comedian presents his new program: More fun has never been! If he comes, the complainers have break! Ingo Appelt has found a secret recipe against the German depression: There are twelve until the sun shines again.

Ingo Appelt
Ingo Appelt Ava Elderwood, Artwork Sven Knoch

Pain is laughed off. Just one visit to his new program "The State Trainer!" Replaces several years of therapy - for both men and women! Because Ingo Appelt gives the general lousy the rest - in need with a targeted kick in the ass. It can be so easy. Our Ingo is no longer just the Ingo for men's and women's issues, no: He is the Ingo for Germany! A folk Ingo. An ingo for all - all overburdened and underpaid, all the hard-on and exploited. For those who do not even get a can of pre-cooked noodles without a video tutorial, they do not have a wallpaper taped to the wall and their dogs have long been in command at home. As a Federal Arbiter Ingo Appelt wants to set up and comfort with his new program - if need be with truth and optimism. True to his motto: all shit - great mood!

Of course, the oh-so-weak men on the roof who complain about weather and economic conditions, children and climate, about football and fatherhood - but also the ladies who complain about weak men as well as ruthless macho. The Appelt turns back to the people. His credo: "Please do not dress like that! - Except, of course, for tickets to my new program. "They are not pampered, lashed and aufgeppppelt, but mercilessly fitgespritzt for everything that is still waiting for you. Something happens all time. So experience elfin lightness and be there when a comedy tsunami rolls through the halls until no more pants are dry. Become a fan - for Ingo and forever. And be sure: The guests willl get their ass in a good mood!

(Program in German)

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