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Performance with dance and music for people 8 years and older

STADT LAND ANGSTHASE a performance about the possibilities of taking things into our own hands. Even when fear comes, we can't run away from it, we have to tackle it. Fear is commonplace and with Corona, more public than ever. Fear makes us able to survive, fear makes us able to face the future. Fear gives us the courage and confidence to develop a vision of TOMORROW.

KEY VISUAL Stadt Land Angsthase
KEY VISUAL Stadt Land Angsthase © David Baltzer

In July 2021, the theater production Stadt Land Maus by the specially founded Stadtmaus Landmaus GbR had its premiere in the courtyard of the Uferstudios in Berlin Wedding as part of the Ausufern festival. Financing was provided by the performing arts fund, take care. The success of the work was followed by invitations to the Waldorado Festival and the bet.ween on the grounds of Fusion.
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Schoko-Laden Mitte - Berlin