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Improvisational theatre

Before a scene begins, the audience determines where the scene should begin, what the protagonist's name should be or which object should play a special role. From these inspirations comic, absurd, sad, funny or dramatic scenes emerge. Sometimes they last 3 minutes, sometimes half an hour, but they are always unique!

IM FREIEN FALL - Improvisationstheater
IM FREIEN FALL - Improvisationstheater Lutz Mantel

Love and passion? They can. Dirty ulterior motives? They do. Daring and thoughtless? They are. Improtheatre? They do! If the audience wishes, they can play the most curious thriller, the most frivolous homeland film or the most sentimental horror scene. And all this freely improvised - without net and double bottom. Just "Im Freien Fall".

every 1st Friday of the month - 8:00 p.m.

(Program in German)
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Zimmer 16