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Why Italy?

Mission not accomplished. Because they could not lure Odysseus, Orpheus and the Argonauts with their singing, the sirens jumped into the raging sea. And since they all could sing better than swim, at least the plan to collectively not only seek suicide, but also to find it, worked out. They sank in the floods. Parthenope, the most sincere and graceful of them, only reappeared on a fabulously beautiful coast. Her body was buried and a city was founded in her honor, which bore her name. From this city soon grew a new one: Néa pólis! Naples! Napule!

David Varnhold spent almost all of his childhood vacations in the southern part of France. Chirping animals, winding old towns, sun. And of course the sea. Not bad at all. Those memories are engraved in his heart and soul. Childlike engravings shape people for a lifetime. Its engraving smells of the resin of the pine trees on the beaches of Occitania.

But why Italy then?

His pictures speak of the Italy that frightens him, what he lacks, what is in him.
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