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Hugo Fernández, a Mexican jazz guitarist, has found his new home in Berlin after more than a decade in Madrid. In his musical journey, he has created his own universe in which the rich heritage of jazz harmonizes with the energy of other musical genres such as pop-rock, world folklore and classical

With his albums and appearances on stages and festivals, he has made a name for himself in the German and European jazz scene.

On his album "OCEAN" he combines his compositions in music that is characterized by diverse elements of folk, western classical music and even pop, while always maintaining his deep jazz sensibility.

Hugo Fernandez (g, arrang), Markus Ehrlich (ts, cl), Nils Marquardt (tb), Max Leiß (b), Jan Leipnitz (dr)

New Orleans has provided so much good music!! This project explores and adapts pieces of much New Orleans jazz music
Composers such as: Alvin Batiste, Ellis Marsalis, James Black, Sidney Bechet and many more. This project revisits the music of New Orleans jazz composers who influenced the creation of the unique “New Orleans Jazz Sound.”