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In the course of the 19th century, Berlin's population grew by leaps and bounds. New neighborhoods sprang up, in which numerous new churches were built. They were often prominent focal points in the city and shaped by contemporary church concepts.

Emmauskirche in Kreuzberg
Emmauskirche in Kreuzberg © CROSS ROADS - Berlin mit anderen Augen

For today's congregations, which are much smaller, the original spatial concepts are far too large, but they offer opportunities for entirely new forms of church life.

With this tour of some exemplary churches, we want to explore the question of the architectural and pastoral processes of change.

  • Meeting point: at Lausitzer Platz, in front of Emmaus Church
  • City guide: Michael Harr
  • Cost: 15 €
  • Aimed at: Adults
(Program in German)
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Lausitzer Platz