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Award-winning Swiss performance artist Anna Anderegg, who studied dance in Bern, Montpellier and Berlin, presents her production "HopeMe" for the first time in Germany for a limited audience. The one-hour performance was previously presented at the Song-Eun Museum Seoul during Frieze Seoul and has now its

German premiere in Berlin.

"HopeMe" reflects on our societal notion of female beauty and explores self-representation in digital space. It picks up on the phenomenon of hope for a more beautiful, better, more attractive and more fitting body, which is expressed in social media. The notion of "beauty" becomes a performative act of self-dramatization in the digital space. "HopeMe" looks at the mechanisms and asks: which social ideal images emerge in the process and how can they be broken?

Anna Anderegg's artistic practice focuses on the interactions between body and space. The focus is always on the question of how social, urban or architectural spaces influence the body, its movements and its needs.

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