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The spookiest time of the year has begun and the Berlin Dungeon becomes the "Home of Halloween". Ghosts, serial killers and real moments of horror await brave visitors!

The Berlin Dungeon is a unique attraction that takes you back up to 600 years into Berlin's past. Professional actors and actresses tell authentic stories from Berlin's 600-year-old history, and impressive special effects allow you to experience the experience up close in a total of 10 faithfully recreated sets. This journey through time will also make your heart beat faster with a raft ride and an indoor free fall tower.

All stories and characters are based on true events and people, an absolute must for true crime fans!

Will you escape or even join the infamous witch Catarina Selchow? Be brave and visit the “Home of Halloween” while you dare!

Attention: The “Home of Halloween” will now be open longer for you on selected days! Not only can you benefit from longer opening hours from 7 p.m., but also from a particularly spooky entrance and the unique opportunity to visit the Berlin Dungeon in the dim evening hour.

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Opening hours:
11:00 - 19:00