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The glass house at the Friedrichswerder Cemetery in Kreuzberg is a perfect location for Krzysztof Płaza's photographs. Here, silence, an almost magical atmosphere and the play of light and shadow unite.

Krzysztof Płaza loves to photograph cemeteries, especially the one on Bergmannstraße, and has done so for almost two decades. Transforming the seemingly inconspicuous, the hidden and morbid into sublime beauty is the great power of his photographs. Many a viewer will be inspired to go on their own 'voyages of discovery' with the camera.

Inge H. Schmidt (curator and visual artist) and Dr. Jörg Kuhn (scientific advisor EVFBS) will speak at the opening.

Exhibition in the glass house - daily except Mondays until May 31, 2023

Free admission. Access is via the Strauss Cemetery Café.