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"There's a hurricane coming." Namely, the new record "Amen" by The Heavy.  And now it gets even better. There's just no stopping the ferocious power of R&B quartet The Heavy.


With their mix of blues drama, soulful passion and gospel holiness, crunchy hip-hop and garage rock, the four guys from Bath make "Amen" their tightest album yet. Which, of course, they plan to present live:

In September, The Heavy will come to Berlin for a wonderful show.

"Hurricane Coming" was inspired by a real storm, by the way. Frontman Kelvin Swaby had just moved to the USA when Irma hit him. This destructive meteorological force overwhelmed him and at the same time reminded him that it's often similar in human relationships: "Don't take anything for granted and don't fool people. There's always something waiting and lurking."

Indeed, the song hits you with full stereophonic force, and it's not just Swaby and fellow musicians Daniel Taylor (guitar), Spencer Page (bass) and Chris Ellul (drums) who are responsible for that. Producer Tchad Blake, who recently collected two of his Grammys for his work on the album "Brothers" by the Black Keys, also has a considerable share. His very direct and characteristic style brings out the last subtleties from the songs of The Heavy and models them into powerful walls of sound.

The intensity of the British is known to have been used many times. The Heavy appeared in "Vampire Diaries", Mark Wahlberg's "The Fighter", Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight" and many others and Barack Obama used "How You Like Me Now?" to celebrate his presidency in 2012.

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