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An entertaining and exciting play on the subject of waste and the environment with a stage set made from upcycled materials

The young squirrel Nico scurries through the park, but doesn't find any nuts on the walnut tree, instead he finds a lot of rubbish. Why isn't the tree bearing nuts? Waltraud Walnussbaum cannot explain this himself. Does the owl have any advice?

Nico's new friend, the rat from the garbage can, gets coffee from sportswoman Katharina so that the squirrel can ask the owl at night. She gives mysterious advice, and Nico and the rat must find an unusual way to turn Catherine into an environmentalist in order to help the walnut tree.

The special thing about this production is that the entire stage design and the characters were built from re-use (recyclable) or upcycled material.

Material leftovers and old decorations from the theater workshop were transformed into an imaginative scenery, the figures made of plastic and fabric waste. For example, an enchanting squirrel doll was made from old onion bags and a glove, the branches of the tree were made from sawing waste and the leaves were made from painted packaging film. It is impressive that something as beautiful as this production could be created from leftovers and waste materials.

(Program in German)

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