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The family is in the middle of their birthday party when a confused man suddenly appears - Giovanni is back, everyone is sure of that! Except for the confused one who has completely lost his memory. Luisa takes him home, but there it quickly becomes clear that "Giovanni" has completely different characteristics than his lover - he is courteous, loving and good-natured.

And suddenly the real Giovanni is standing in the doorway - a rough-type gangster - rough, macho and cunning. This seizes the opportunity immediately and uses the memoryless to build up a double - a living alibi.

The confusion takes its course and at some point even Luisa no longer knows who she is dealing with when she says: “You have changed. It is as if you two have become one.” And even the memoryless one loses himself or finds himself anew in the saying: “Perhaps you are right: two have become one; half him and half me.”

(Program in German)
Additional information
theaterBurg Roßlau e.V.
Participating artists
Andrea Pinkowski (Regisseurin)
Leonard Gottberg (Komponist/in)
Karl Neukauf (Komponist/in)
Nele Ahrens
Djuna Reiner
Sofi Seta
Benjamin Kolass
Elisabeth Taraba
theaterBurg Roßlau